SAP Fiori for iOS Design Language

I worked at SAP as a User Experience Designer. I was a part of the team that was heavily involved in the SAP - Apple partnership. Over nearly two years, I contributed in creating the Fiori for iOS Design language, defining reusable UI components for SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, and designing iOS apps for the enterprise space.


I led the efforts to create and write design guidelines for Onboarding that became part of the Fiori for iOS Design language. My coworker and I worked with product owners and engineering teams to learn about various technologies used at SAP to onboard users. Once we had a good understanding of the complexities of user and business needs, we designed onboarding to be a modular process to provide flexibility to the app developers to set it up as per their app’s requirement. We then worked with the SDK development team to ensure proper implementation of the screens as per the design specifications. I also led the publication process of these Onboarding design guidelines that are available now.